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rainforest terrarium

Biopod is the world's very first smart terrarium. Biopod is app controlled and replicates the ideal environment for both exotic pets and plants to flourish. 

Using your smartphone or tablet, tap the environment you want on the Biopod app and it will replicate any environment from a tropical rainforest to a lush urban garden. Biopod was created to give everyone, from urban gardeners to reptile owners, the best possible environment for their pets and plants.

Unlike other terrariums, vivariums and aquariums on the market, Biopod's technology allows for a natural free flowing system which replicates how a real environment operates. This simulated micro habitat allows plants and animals to thrive while at the same time keeping the terrarium maintenance low.

Biopod can be used as a terrarium for exotic pets such as the gecko, salamander, tree frog, dart frog, and exotic snakes and lizards. It can also be used as a terrarium for keeping exotic and hard to sustain plants, or an aquarium for exotic fish. It's perfect for the urban apartment dweller, or as a desktop terrarium for the office, or even for educational purposes as a frog terrarium in the classroom.

˖ App for iOS & Android

˖ Integrated remote wi-fi

˖ HD video for remote monitoring, sharing and time lapse visualization

˖ Sunlight LED light panel

˖ Removable top piece with ventilation

˖ Integrated misting system with 2L reservoir˖ Tempered glass front door for clear viewing

˖ Heating Biopūr air injection

˖ Combines aeroponics w/ advanced substrate & ventilation technology

˖ Modern, minimalist design

˖ Advanced sensory feedback system which measures & regulates temp.  & humidity (Includes gradient control)

˖ Automatic irrigated living wall compatible with both soil & hydroponic based media

˖ All systems are connected through gaskets, to ensure a clean look without dangling wires

˖ Concealed central control system to power and hide all components
rainforest terrarium