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pet tech

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, especially in the pet industry,

enter.. pet tech.

New pet cams and pet phones such as Petchatz now allow us to remotely feed our cats and dogs,

call them from our cell phone, let them call us, and watch them play, all while away from home.


Smart feeders (modern dog bowls page) allow us to keep track of their diets,

alert us of possible health concerns and even automatically order their food for us.

Smart terrariums (exotic pets page) allow us to easily create and

maintain a tropical rainforest in our own home for keeping exotic animals such as geckos and tree frogs.

Pet Spa allows you to both groom and bath your dog with ease, without messy clean up, the Lighthound LED harness keeps your dog safe during nighttime walks, and Doggie Doorbell eliminates the bark

the your dog needs to go out.

And then there's Cleverpet, the interactive learning game console for dogs,

keeping them entertained and content, as well as stimulating their minds, 

whether you're at home or away.