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Many pets suffer from separation anxiety and depression when their owners are away for long periods of time. 

To help alleviate this issue, these new high-tech pet cameras allow you to watch, talk to, and feed treats to

your dog or cat all while you're away from home by means of your smart phone or computer.

They're perfect for those who frequently work long hours, travel a lot, 

or just miss their pets no matter how long they're away.

Petcube is much more than just a sleek looking pet monitor. 

Aside from all the previously mentioned functions, this pet camera on steroids

allows you to play with your pet using a manually operated laser, making it especially ideal for cats.

While PetChatz HD pet phone / video cam is equipped with a special ringtone and 2-way live video stream, so not only

can you call your pet through the PetChatz app on your iPhone, iPad or Android, but with PawCall your pet can also call you! And can see each other in live feed.

Think FaceTime for pets!