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Ultra Modern Pet offers one of the largest selections of not only modern
but unique dog and cat beds on the market.
Most of our modern pet beds are handmade, not only domestically but many are imported from around the world.
We feature the work of talented designers located in England, Italy, Spain, Germany,
Estonia, Russia and even South Africa. 

We carry contemporary, designer, luxury, and even therapeutic magnetic dog and cat beds,
in a variety of colors, sizes and designs.
Whether you're looking for a contemporary dog bed in faux leather or faux fur,
or a tré
s unique cat bed in acrylic and chrome, we have many styles to choose from.

Some of our cool, contemporary designs include dog bunk beds perfect for those with multiple pets,
modern cat beds which hang from the ceiling, great for felines who like a bed with a view,
and stylish cat beds made of cardboard which can double as a cat scratcher.
We also carry therapeutic options equipped with magnets for elderly pets and those with health issues,
as well as mini designer pet beds for teacup dogs and small cats.

These cool, contemporary dog beds allow you to treat your pet
while at the same time adding a unique modern touch to your home.
And if you'd like to spoil him or her even more check out our unique selection of indoor dog houses.

Let your pet live in style with an ultra modern dog or cat bed.