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Stripe is a unique retro design created by Russian based Pettel. This stylish pet bed is reminiscent of the mid-century modern era, and is designed specifically for cats and small dogs. It gives them an open ended archway with gaped walls which allows them a full view of the room while at the same time providing a sense of safety. It has an easy to climb on low base for small dogs and a cozy faux fur mat.

Aside from being a bed of luxury for your dog or cat, due to its highly creative design, it doubles as a beautiful work of modern art for your living room or bedroom.
Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 23.5"
Price: $380
30% of this sale goes to animal charity!

$90 flat rate shipping to U.S. & Canada


This is a handmade pet bed imported from Russia, please allow approx. 2 wks. for delivery

mid century modern dog bed