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jellyfish aquarium
Jellyfish tanks
$390 - $1300

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Rainforest terrariums
geckos | tree frogs | salamanders
$300 - $430
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Seahorse tanks
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exotic pet
We carry modern aquariums and terrariums for
unique and exotic pets.

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tree frog

Jellyfish and seahorses are beautiful, unique alternatives to fish.

Unfortunately, they have always been difficult

to keep as pets since they require special habitats in which to survive and thrive.

Our jellyfish tanks and seahorse aquariums

have the specific design and functions needed to keep these amazing sea creatures
happy and healthy.

And Biopod is a simulated rainforest terrarium.

Completely controllable through your smart phone, Biopod simulates the 

the living conditions of a tropical rainforest,

creating a suitable micro-habitat for a variety of exotic creatures,

such tree frogs, dart frogs, salamanders and geckos.

The world's first smart terrarium!

pet seahorse