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 MK | Pet Kennel




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high end doghouses

Ultra Modern Pet carries the most modern and unique outdoor dog houses on the market,

from creative minimalist to fancy luxury styles.

These contemporary custom dog houses not only look cool but they're made of premium craftsmanship.

Every dog house for sale is custom built by hand, not in a factory, 

from the highest quality materials and level of skill,

letting man's best friend enjoy the comfort while you, your guests and your envious neighbors

enjoy the cool, unique and completely modern designs.

And the Loft, DogHouse, MK Pet Kennel and Zulu Hut are not only for dogs 

but also make for a perfect indoor cat house.

We also carry high end kennels and crates for indoor dogs. 

Every dog kennel and dog crate has a latchable door, is portable and customizable.

* Being that these are custom made dog houses,

many can be customized to various dimensions to house your pet comfortably.

Please contact us should this be required.

Let your pet live in style with an ultra modern dog house.