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These are just a few of the level 4+ games you could teach your dog ...

The best part is that all of this occurs while you're away from home. Instead of anxiously waiting for you to come back, your dog is busy playing, learning, and eating gradually over the course of the day...
CleverPet is a both a game console and learning device that engages and teaches your dog. It uses scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions which adapt to individual dogs’ needs. These interactions grow more challenging as your dog learns, and can take place even when you're out of the house.

Many dogs left alone at home are bored, unengaged and lonely, which can lead to separation anxiety and costly destructive behavior. With CleverPet, game console, your dog is busy, engaged, and challenged at her learning level—automatically. A busy dog is a happy dog, and a busy, happy dog has no time for negative behavior.

Cleverpet uses cutting-edge algorithms based on canine behavioral science to reward your dog when he learns something new. The learning device has three sensitive touch pads which light up interactively and are specifically designed for your dog's nose or paw. Your pet will win food for touching the pads on the learning device. Cleverpet's software constantly adapts to your pet and you can always see how he is doing directly on your smartphone in real time!
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