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cool cat furniture
luxury tower for cats
the One
unique tree for cats

Lifeguard mini


multi level faux fur cat tree

K2B tower




designer cat tree
unique tree for cats



cool creative flower shaped furniture for kittens

Lily 11

creative luxury faux fur cat tower

KTP tower



Kratzenbaum II


unique condo for cats



unique feline furniture



designer tower imported from Europe






Spiral Staircase
cool blue dots
Ultra Modern Pet has a unique selection of custom cat trees, condos and towers.
We carry wall-mounted trees such as Catissa, cool ribbon design trees such as CurvyNest, luxury towers like the One, Kratzenbaum and Arche, and stylish conceptual pieces like Lifeguard, Stiletto and Lily II.

These designer cat trees and condos will definitely add a uniquely modern touch to your home.
We also carry a large selection of modern cat beds.

Every piece of custom cat furniture that we carry is both incredibly unique and contemporary,
as well as of premium craftsmanship, standing out from traditional feline furniture
which is often unattractive and of poor quality.

Let your cat live in style with a cool custom cat tree, tower or condo.